Wedding boutonnières – A project for the future groom

wedding boutonnières

The biggest and most wonderful vitavihandmade’s project so far. Some time ago one lovely customer asked me to make a set of wedding boutonnières for the groom and parents. I got very excited but first also scared. I suddenly imagined how I wanted the brooches to look like and I wasn’t sure if I could technically do it. BUT never be afraid to take on new challenges, especially creative ones, right?:) I said “yes” and jumped into a new crochet adventure.

The only hint the future bride gave me was the color – rusty orange. So I had an opportunity to be creative and I decided to go for a ranunculus as the main flower accompanied by three green stems and a yellow billy ball. It took me a bit to create and to try out the pattern for the first bouttonière but both me and the future bride were satisfied with the result.
In the end, six brooches were created and have been already sent to the recipient. Probably this precise moment they’re flying somewhere over the ocean to the couple who trusted me and gave me the opportunity to be a part of their very special day!