Summer Crochet in Russia

Let me bring some bright colors to this chilly and windy summer in Helsinki!:) Last week I came back from Russia and, even if the weather was not very hot there, I enjoyed my trip a lot! The best part of this summer trip was visiting my granny, who lives in a small village in the central part of European Russia, surrounded by green forests and wide fields. There I had a bit of time for relaxing and crocheting using my new cotton and new colors. (Matching colors randomly is great fun!:) I was working on a customer project that I’ll show you soon (I hope!). At the moment you can only see circles but by the time they’re completed, they will be squares (as in the last picture). The pattern of the puff stitch granny square will be posted soon. Now, while you’re looking through the pictures, I’m running to transform another circle to a square:)

Summer CrochetSummer CrochetSummer CrochetSummer CrochetSummer CrochetSummer Crochet