One year in Switzerland. Instagram memories

One year in Switzerland. Instagram memories.

Exactly one year ago, on the 16th of May, we arrived to Zurich for the first time in our life to build a nest in a new country. Already back then I knew it was the right decision, now I can tell that it was our best decision that changed our lives so much! I want to collect some of the most memorable moments of this wonderful year in one place and share them with you.

I have to say, first three weeks were not easy. We were renting a temporary apartment with no bed and a tiny tiny kitchen. But seeing that view of green fields and colorful little houses from the kitchen window was all I ever wanted. After sleepless nights on the couch and a million of unsuccessful temptations to find a permanent flat (I could write a book on the adventure of finding a flat in Zurich! Probably only those who tried it themselves know what I am talking about:), after the panic that in a few days we have to free the flat and we don’t have any place to go, after my fear to loose all my treasures, yarn and literally everything we had, because the truck with ALL our furniture and staff was blocked on the border (guess why? because we didn’t have a flat! a vicious circle…), we got lucky to find another temporary flat for summer.

Oh, I loved that two floor attic apartment! Our furniture and boxes finally arrived to Switzerland, my husband started working and I was finally able to begin learning the language of our new country.


That summer was amazing. New language, new people, new city. I have never been and have never even imagined Zurich before moving here. So discovering the city for me was like opening a box full of surprises. I absolutely didn’t expect it to be such a lovely little town with its narrow streets, beautiful churches, medieval facades and hidden places. I fell in love and keep falling over and over again!

First lake trips outside the city, first “wow”s because of the Swiss landscape that seems to be a painting, first weekend journeys to Italy, first sunsets in the city…

In August two important things happened: we moved to our new (yay not temporary) flat and I got an office job in the city of Zug. That’s why you were seeing my commute photos and videos from the train almost every day.


Autumn was f a b o u l o u s ! I was crazy about all those fall colors, lakes, forests, small towns… We traveled every weekend to a new place and my heart was finally and irrevocably stolen by this beautiful country.


The fairy tale continued during the winter with the atmosphere of Christmas, snowy mountains and cozy evenings. The cold season flew by and I truly enjoyed winter, probably for the first time in my life.


Spring came early and gifted us some wonderful warm weeks with blooming magnolias and cherry trees. This spring also brought a change in my life again. I made a decision to leave a well-paid office job and concentrate myself on what I really love to do – on creating!