Let’s call it a fresh start

Hello, dear ones! Days, weeks, months have gone by without me blogging and it feels so good to be back. Spring is slowly showing up here in Finland, bringing along some fresh air, warm rays and the charm of everything waking up and changing. Some of you might have already seen on Instagram that I’ve been working lately on changing and refreshing my small handmade business. I’ve already shared with you some of the new products and packaging details, but now it’s time to reveal the rest!
Months of hard work have gone into new logo design, new products, new shop organization and this new online place, which is more a website for vitavihandmade than just a personal blog. However, the blog is going to remain an important part of this space for sharing not only my craft projects but also some special moments of my life, travel experiences, places and inspiration updates. I already know how hard it’s going to be for me to write posts, I’m definitely better at selecting visual content for blog than writing catching stories, but, well, I’ll do my best and compensate (boring) texts with better pictures:)
I tried to make this webplace (with the huuuge help of my husband, who actually made this site technically possible!) fresh-looking and clean, informative about my work and easy to navigate. There are two buttons on home page for two categories of my products: jewelry and décor, by clicking one of them you’ll find a list and a small overview of products inside the category. For detailed description and purchase, the page will link you to my store on Etsy.
What’s new in the shop? A line of long multi-wear necklaces and some new flower brooches. Following my love for minimalism and simplicity, I wanted these jewelry pieces to be natural, easy to wear, simple yet feminine. I’m going to stuck to this motto and let’see if I cope:)
More cotton jewelry, perfect for spring-summer season is coming soon, new versions of decorative botanical wreaths for home are in mind.
The spring hasn’t even started properly yet, but its foretaste has already brought new beginnings, new thoughts and excitement. I’m truly enjoying this time…

And to celebrate this precious moment of my creative life, I’m sharing a coupon code for 20% off your shopping in my store until 24.03!
*promo code: freshstart
Many many thanks for visiting and I wish you all a cozy Sunday evening!