Italian mountains. A week in the province of Bergamo

Italian mountains

The mornings here are foggy, days are hot, nights are black and full of bright stars. Spending summer time in Italian mountains is precious and more relaxing than you can imagine. When we go there in summer to visit my husband’s family (and to escape the heat of Milano) my body and mind get a total reset. Morning walks in the mountains, fresh air, family dinners with grandma’s food, evening chill, view from the balcony – these are the things and moments to cherish…
Italian mountains
I love waking up with the rooster morning song and to see the chicken coop from the bedroom window. Little things of countryside life like these warm my heart.

Daily life here looks like a scene from an old Italian movie. In the morning people go to the village to pick up fruit, vegetables, and fresh bread, families go hiking and have picnics high in the mountains, in the afternoon local gelato shops are full, late in the evening the streets are empty.


Every time during our trip to the mountains we visit Clusone, a beautiful city in Val Seriana, where nature and history live in harmony. I fell in love with this place and its stunning panoramic landscapes the first time my husband brought me there. I had to hold myself back not to post a million of photos of the city streets and lovely corners:)

One evening we were sitting on the balcony, watching the moon and Saturn with binoculars when we saw a falling star! A real one, not a “I think I saw something in the sky…or maybe it was just a plane”. No, that one was so big an bright and we saw it falling for at least 2 seconds before the meteoroid (do you know they are not stars that fall?) burned up and disappeared. This moment has left a deep impression on me and a pleasant feeling of discovering something secret and truly beautiful.