High Neck Knit Sweater


I feel very happy to be surrounded by so many creative people. My mum is a crochet artist and my mother-in-law is an advanced knitter. Despite the fact we live in three different countries, I know I have two soul mates, with whom I can always have a chat about yarn, who always support me in my crafts adventures and inspire me constantly. I mean, how lucky am I?:)

Every winter, we visit my husband’s family in Italy and every Christmas I get a beautiful handmade jumper from my mum-in-law, Lorella. We choose together the model, color and yarn for the future sweater or cardigan. This year we went for a simple wool sweater with high collar, made from light beige brown Drops Karisma, color 55. The high collar makes the jumper so cozy and keeps me warm in always-windy Helsinki:) In the pictures (from the afternoon walk with my dear friend, photographer Julia Kivelä) the sweater is seen only under the coat, but I guess you got the idea of how warm and soft it is!

photos by Julia Kivelä // editing by me