Easter Weekend by Lake Garda: Limone-sul-Garda

Easter Weekend by Lake Garda: Limone-sul-Garda

Spring. It’s that time of the year when everything begins to bloom outside as well as inside of your soul. And it’s a holiday season as well! Usually me and my husband try to get out of the city almost every weekend, but for this Easter celebration we wanted to go somewhere special, some place we’d never been before.

We decided to go to Italy, which is my husband’s motherland, but this time besides visiting his family in Milan which we do regularly, we chose a new wonderful place for our trip, which is located by Lake Garda, just 2 hours away from Milan by car. And it’s interesting that we decided on this destination by chance. One day while having dinner at the parents’ house, I found and looked through a nice retro- book (I think it was from the 80s) with amazing images of Lake Garda taken on the old film camera, and I got very inspired and eager for the trip to happen sooner rather than later.

I was so excited to visit the area by Lake Garda! And I spent a lot of time choosing a hotel we’d stay in, towns we’d see, planning the things we’d do… Eventually I chose a very cozy hotel in the town called Limone sul Garda. When I saw pictures of the Hotel Capo Reamol on the web, I simply fell in love with the picturesque and irresistible landscape view from the room balcony. The hotel has a great location as it is right on the lakefront. The structure is surrounded by olive trees and has a wonderful terrace, which proved to be a lovely place to have meal or snacks while enjoying the marvelous view.

Hotel Capo Reamol
Via IV Novembre 92
25010 Limone Sul Garda

For a note, the hotel is a little farther from the town of Limone than I expected (about 4km away). But there is a nice walking path that lead to the town, quite long yet so beautiful! While following the path you have a chance to observe the fabulous views of the Lake, which seems a bay of the sea as it’s incredibly big. On our way we passed a lot of nice restaurants and hotels. One evening on the way back to the hotel we stopped by in one of those hotels for an aperitif and enjoyed the amazing sunset from the terrace.

A perfect place for a drink on your way to/back from Limone – Villa Romantica.
The view from the terrace is fascinating, especially in the evening!

What about Limone sul Garda? It is a fairly tiny but gorgeous town by the lake. The area of Lake Garda is famous by its fine weather in spite of being situated in the North of Italy. The climate there is temperate and mild. There is Mediterranean greenery such as vineyards, olive, orange plantations and it feels like you somewhere by the sea.

Even though the name of the town Limone comes from the Latin “limes” which means “borderline”, and not from the word “lemon” as you might have thought, there are really many lemon trees as well! In fact, nowadays the local economics is built around cultivation of lemons, olives and fishing. By the way, there are some historical lemon plantations called La Limonaia del Castèl, the place is available for a public eye and I strongly recommend you to visit it.

La Limonaia del Castèl
Via Orti 9
Opening hours

The next day we went to the outdoors museum called Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, English translation “The shrine of Italian victories”. The center of this museum complex is a manor house of Gabriele d’Annunzio, famous Italian poet and playwright. There are also an amphitheater, green paths, squares, gardens and parks with fountains, streams and an artificial lake. So a fair half of the day we spent walking in the park, enjoying the great views and exploring its tremendously large territory, while checking some small museums from time to time.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani
Via del Vittoriale 12
25083 Gardone Riviera

On the way back to Limone from the museum we stopped by Toscolano-Moderno, a small town my husband’s granny is originally from. We really enjoyed the town, it appeared to be peaceful and romantic and with good nature views as well, as it’s surrounded by the breathtaking snow- covered mountains.

It was a wonderful trip and I hope to explore the area of Lake Garda once again next time I have an opportunity. And I wish you to use some of your free time for visiting this part of Italy, as there are so many lovely small towns that are waiting for you! If you decide to follow our steps and take a trip to Limone, I will be happy to give you a discount in the hotel we stayed in. I am more than sure you’ll enjoy it!