DIY: Kitchen Utensil Holder

Do you want to make your own kitchen utensil holder in less than one hour?! Here is an easy and quick DIY guide to making a crochet holder from an empty coffee can. A clever idea to recycle metal cans and to organize your kitchen tools.

kitchen utensil holder

For the holder I chose a natural beige color that goes well with my wooden kitchen utensils. You can create your personalized holder of any color for your kitchen and it will take you only a couple of hours! Just follow the steps↓


You will need some yarn of any color. You will save time if you take a thick, which is easier to work with. Use an appropriate hook for your yarn. You’ll also need scissors and a metal coffee (or something else) can.


Step 1: Crochet a chain. The length of the chain should fit the perimeter of your can.
Step 2: When you get the right length of the chain, close it to make a circle with a slip stitch.
Step 3: Now just work around with single crochet* until you get the right height. *Crochet into the back loop of the stitches only.


When you have your “crochet cylinder” ready, weave in the ends. Next, choose which side you want to be the right side. Then just put the “crochet cylinder” on the can, double in the edge of the “crochet cylinder” to hide the metal edge of the can. Your kitchen holder is ready:)

kitchen utensil holder