Botanical crochet wreaths. Basic Green collection

Hi everyone! I will not write a lot about this project, you’ll see everything yourself now. Here is the first collection of my botanical crochet wreaths, inspired by nature and greens. Every leaf is hand crocheted and one by one hand sewed to the base, I didn’t use glue or any synthetic fibers. You can hang the wreath on the wall, on the door, on the window frame or the handle. There are 3 green wreaths in the first collection: dark green birch tree leaves, green and bluish olive leaves and yellow spotted Japanese Aucuba leaves. Enjoy the view!:)

Botanical crochet wreaths tags

b i r c h    l e a v e s    w r e a t h

Birch leaves wreathBirch leaves wreath and boxesBirch leaves wreaths in a boxBotanical birch wreath

o l i v e    l e a v e s    w r e a t h

Olive leaves wreathOlive leaves wreath and boxesOlive wreathOlive tag

a u c u b a   l e a v e s   w r e a t h s

Aucuba leaves wreathAucuba leaves wreath and boxesAucuba wreath

p a c k a g e

Box PackagingWreath Package Box and RibbonWreath Package

Every wreath is wrapped in tissue paper and packed in an elegant kraft box with cotton ribbon.

Каждый венок завернут в шелковую бумагу и упакован в картонную коробочку, перевязанную хлопковой лентой.

e t s y   l i n k s

birch leaves wreath:

olive leaves wreath:

aucuba leaves wreath: