Blue Lake and Crochet Cushion

Last weekend we made a trip to a small lake, Lake Alserio, which is near the famous Lake of Lecco. In comparison with Como or Lecco Lakes this one is not so beautiful and may be not impressive at all, but the atmosphere was really special. Almost nobody was there, except for some ducks and a lonely swan… So, we admired the view, had our panini for lunch and went home to finish the crochet cushion cover:)
As I’ve always wanted to make a handmade birthday gift to my husband’s mother, also because she is a knitter too, I decided to crochet a decorative cushion for her. I had only a week to do it, so I used this blue and white yarn I’ve already had at home. My mom brought it to me from Russia last year. She took the fibers at the local worsted factory that have a big yarn shop as well. The yarn is 100% wool, it is quite thin and easy to work with a hook.

The square pattern I used can be found here, it is in Russian but it’s rather easy to follow, watching the pictures. I got the small pillow at Ikea, I made 16 squares, ironed them and joined them with the hook. The back part is made with needles and joined to the front with the hook. I think a crochet cushion like this can be a nice and original gift for anyone, especially for moms:)