Blooming Zug city and Artemisia home decor shop

As you know I’ve been living in Switzerland for almost a year now. Oh, how time flies! I got lucky enough to find a job in a beautiful city of Zug, which is located just a half-hour-long train ride from Zurich, where me and my husband are currently based. For 6 months, that I worked in Zug, I tried to catch every opportunity to explore the city, and almost every day during my lunch break I used to sneak out from the office for a quick walk in the old city center.

Zug is a relatively small city in the central area of Switzerland, somewhere between the Northern shore of the Zug Lake and the foot of the Zugerberg mountain. Zug is famous for its beautiful promenade, and glorious sunsets, as each evening the sun sets directly into Lake Zug and it’s a wonderful thing to witness. It also has a beautiful old city where many amazing symbols of previous historic periods have preserved up to this day. Zug represents an amazing combination of picturesque landscapes and the atmosphere of old times and mystery.

This time I decided to visit Zug on Saturday afternoon in order to explore the city properly, with no rush. It was such a lovely warm day, unusually quiet for the weekend. The weather was so enjoyable. You know, it was one of those days when you feel happy for no particular reason but simply because the sun is out and the trees are blooming all around you wherever you look. I think I stopped a thousand times to snap a picture every now and then as I just couldn’t get enough of the city!

Firstly, I walked down to the lake, where people were enjoying the sun and having picnics everywhere. It felt like it was carefree summer time. Then I popped to the small zoo by the lake embankment, which is free of charge by the way, and stopped by the aviaries with the birds and spent some time there watching animals.

Then I went to the old city and decided to get lost there and check all my favorite shops. As you know, I am a huge lover of small shops, from flower corners to authentic handicraft stores.

Today I’d like to introduce you one of my favorites, which is Artemisia home decor shop. This place is such a find and I’ll tell you why. The shop seems to have a perfect location: it’s hidden in a quiet place of the old town nearby the cute fragrant flower shop. Just a picture-perfect place!

Selina, the owner of Artemisia, is the sweetest person. She’s always attentive and very friendly with each customer. And for a fact, all the goods represented in the shop are chosen personally by her, and it’s been like this for all the 7-year long life of the shop.

You can find so many different nice home things in the shop like vases of every possible shapes and sizes, stylish candlesticks, some tableware, many beautiful types of textile and so much more to make your home a cozy place.

Seasonal decorations at the shop are always unique. I love the way Seline arranges and displays products. You see items as if they were placed in the corners of your living room. You can instantly get inspiration and some great ideas for decorating your place. Just look at these cute Easter arrangements!

Seline told me she used to be a florist which suddenly cleared why all these blooms and greens look so harmoniously in vases! Seline carefully picks up the prettiest flowers from her mom’s garden to decorate the shelves or to let the flowers dry. Every time I look at my vase and dried allium flowers from Artemisia, a smile comes to my face and a pleasant feeling arises somewhere inside…

Kirchenstrasse 13
6300 Zug

Tue – Fr 09.30 – 17.30
Sat 09.00 – 14.00