French holiday in Avignon

To escape from a cold and gray Finnish April towards a sunny and colorful French one was vitally important. I was hunger to see greens and blooms and to feel the sun on my skin. I felt absolutely happy just from the moment we got on the train from Paris to Avignon.

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Floral necklaces
floral necklaces

My idea is to create simple, easy-to-wear jewelry which is made primarily from fibers and doesn’t need any metallic clasps or chains. You’ve already seen long Leaves necklaces made this way, now it’s time for flowers!

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High Neck Knit Sweater

I feel very happy to be surrounded by so many creative people. My mum is a crochet artist and my mother-in-law is an advanced knitter. Despite the fact we live in three different countries, I know I have two soul mates

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