Knitting in the morning. Basic cable pattern

This Thursday morning let me share with you one lovely knitting cable pattern. The design looks cute and complicated but it’s quite easy to knit. The only thing you need to know is the technique of cabling. This cable pattern is simply made by left-twisting and right-twisting rope cables. I tried to make a simple and clear tutorial of the cable pattern for you. You can find the knitting charts both in English and Russian bellow. You can save the image or print it out. Don’t wait too much to try out this lovely pattern;)
Have a nice sunny day!

Knitting in the morning. Basic cable pattern
Repeat: Multiple of 10 stitches.
Knitting chart begin at the lower right-hand corner.
The chart indicates odd rows. In even rows all the stitches purl wise. (On wrong side knit becomes purl and vice versa.)
Knitting chart eng

Knitting chart rus