The brand.

Inspired by nature and flora vitavihandmade pieces are carefully made in a small home studio in Finland.
Jewelry collection is focused on comfort and practical design. Floral accents and delicate colors give each piece a unique feminine look.
Vitavi wreaths are designed for homes filled with simplicity and individuality.

About me.

I’m Vita, designer and maker behind vitavihandmade. I grew up in the north of Russia, lived in sunny Italy for 3 years but moved back to the north, to the lovely city of Helsinki.

I’ve always been fascinated by Nordic countries, their wild nature, minimalist designs and simple lifestyle. I started to create botanical crochet jewelry and home décor when I moved to Finland, in 2015. I use only natural cotton, do everything by hand and get everyday inspiration from flowers and plants around me.

Thank you for stopping by!